viernes, diciembre 04, 2009

Trabajar en YOIGO: Analista Junior Vacante

¿Quieres trabajar en YOIGO? Acaban de publicar una oferta de empleo para ocupar un puesto de Analista Junior - Junior Analyst, puesto en el que NO se requiere experiencia laboral previa.


This is a junior position. No previous professional experience required.

You will be working as a member of Business Support Systems team and within the Customer Operations unit. You will participate in daily tasks assuring our business operations.

To start, you will work with help and guidance. Step by step, you will learn to work by yourself and as a member of our team.

When you join us, we will expect you to learn and do the following:
  • · Perform data analysis, review monitoring and operational parameters, prepare status reporting -- as part of our daily activities and routines.
  • · Participate in issue analysis, indentifying solution options, and resolving them.
  • · Write documents to specify a solutions.
  • · To work in collaboration with people from other departments, like Network, Sales, or Accounting.
  • · In general, you will learn about our business, systems and processes.
You should recognize yourself in this description:
  • · Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • · Strong information technology background.?
  • · You are very, very keen to learn.
  • · You know how to handle Excel, Access, SQL, possible a scripting language.
  • · You can easily express yourself in both Spanish and English, either speaking or writing. By the way…. the interview will be performed in English.
Please send your CV to


2 comentarios:

Emer dijo...

Hello, what's happen anyone wants to send the resume to Yoigo. I'd like to do that but i'm still studying maybe for the next time. I worked there.
Good luck to everyone.

Unknown dijo...


I am really interested in this offer. I already sent my resume. I really hope they call me!!
Do you know more about this offer, when is the deadline or when does this position start?